Novel immunoassays for detection of faecal calprotectin and neutrophil extracellular traps in the gut

Faecal calprotectin (CP) is a valuable biomarker for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Nevertheless, commercial assays do not display comparable clinical sensitivities and specificities. Dr Magne Fagerhol at the Oslo University […]

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Targeting cancer stemness: A new approach to target tumour metastasis in colorectal cancer

At COARE Holdings in the US, Dr Courtney W Houchen and Edwin Bannerman-Menson examine innovative ways to target and treat metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC). Their research focuses on the ‘stemness’ […]

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One cell’s death is a microbe’s DINNR: How intestinal bacteria use our dying cells as fuel

Until now, a great deal has remained unknown about the relationship between programmed cell death and bacterial infections. However, recent work by Dr CJ Anderson and Professor Kodi Ravichandran from […]

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Inflammatory bowel disease and epithelial barrier function

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) occurs when the epithelial cells lining the gut become weakened, allowing gut microbes to activate immune cells. Gut barrier weakening can be caused by a loss […]

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A novel therapy could help patients with active Crohn’s disease

Professor Jørgen Jahnsen and PhD student Kristian Espeland of Akershus University Hospital and University of Oslo are responsible for a new clinical trial which aims to improve symptoms and control […]

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A conceptual approach for interpreting the expanding instances of the internationalisation of education

The internationalisation of education (IE) has accelerated across the past two decades. Although there are now a range of representations and discussions of IE, lacking is a historically-informed framework to […]

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Therapeutic drug monitoring of methotrexate in disease

Professor Dr Robert de Jonge, Dr Gerrit Jansen, Ittai Muller MSc and Helen Gosselt MSc, Amsterdam University Medical Center, are pioneering analytical approaches which can be used to understand why […]

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