Change agents: Professional development for adult educators

How can the professional development of staff be used to bring about lasting change in adult and continuing education (A&CE)? That’s the question behind new research from Canada led by […]

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Is there equality for students with disabilities when accessing government grants for post-secondary education?

Higher education can strengthen job opportunities for people with disabilities. Mandy Mou, a PhD candidate within the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, Canada, observed a gap […]

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Highlighting the need for greater equity in gifted education

Whether ability is determined by nature or nurture has preoccupied thinkers since classical times. Most now agree that ability is derived from a combination of inherited and acquired characteristics: more […]

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Transitional care programs for older adults: Improving Canada’s core health services

Transitional care programs are critical for ensuring better health management and continuity of care, oftentimes when older adult patients are required to move between healthcare services and settings and are […]

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Regulating emotions in young adulthood

Young adults with complex mental health needs often find it difficult to regulate their emotions and manage impulsive behaviour. Dr Kate Hall and her collaborators from Deakin University, Australia, have […]

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Overturning oppression in the US child welfare system

In the US there’s a growing call from academics and advocates with significant experience in the country’s child welfare system for fundamental reform. Professors Lisa Merkel-Holguin and Ida Drury, colleagues […]

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Labour force projections: Egypt anticipates a resumption of demographic pressures

Egyptian youths born into the ‘echo generation’ of 2006–2014 are not yet of working age, but when they do enter the labour market there will be a vast increase in […]

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When children’s storytelling says so much more

We take for granted that our children tell stories. But what if they can’t? Oral storytelling is a bridge to literacy, yet many children do not develop this skill naturally. […]

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