Revealing properties of regular convex polytopes in negative dimensions

Mathematics and physics extend the notion of dimensionality beyond the usual perception of three dimensions to consider higher-dimensional spaces (eg, four-dimensional space–time) as well as negative, fractionally, and complex dimensional […]

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An introduction to the information dimension

The difficulty of defining the true nature of information has sparked a rich, seemingly unending variety of questions over the past centuries; from the nature of the human soul to […]

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How African knowledge-based enterprises seek scale: Research findings from 10 countries

Innovation is a vital practice in the knowledge economy. Also vital is finding ways to scale innovations so that they can have significant impact. The Open African Innovation Research (Open […]

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Conceptual change: Learners’ response to contradictory information

Misconceptions can get in the way of teaching efforts and increasingly pose a significant challenge to science teachers. To discern exactly what science education literature can teach us about learners’ […]

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The importance of nuanced scientific communication in an age of rising distrust

Dr Karen Jacqueline Cloete is an interdisciplinary scientific researcher whose work spans a multitude of areas. She is affiliated to the UNESCO-University of South Africa Africa Chair in Nanosciences-Nanotechnology, and […]

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Regulating emotions in young adulthood

Young adults with complex mental health needs often find it difficult to regulate their emotions and manage impulsive behaviour. Dr Kate Hall and her collaborators from Deakin University, Australia, have […]

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The CEASE approach: A framework to tackle COVID-19 and other microbial threats

While the COVID-19 virus continues to spread in many countries worldwide, some researchers are investigating the implications of regularly using antimicrobial products and antibiotics, which could contribute to a concerning […]

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Fragment-based design of isoquinoline derivatives as anti-inflammatory drugs

Fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) is a well-established high-throughput screening method for drug generation. Fragment molecules used in FBDD tend to be structurally less complex than the compounds used in conventional […]

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