Optimal lipid metabolism with disease-preventing functional foods

Dietary lipids (fats) from plant and animal sources are important components of the human diet as they provide essential nutrients for growth and development. However, overconsumption of lipid-rich foods can […]

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Myocardial lipid metabolism: Targeting CD36 to treat cardiac disease

Jan Glatz, Emeritus Professor of Cardiac Metabolism at Maastricht University, conducts research into the transmembrane protein CD36, which regulates cellular lipid metabolism. CD36 facilitates the uptake of long-chain fatty acids […]

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Understanding tomato plant metabolism for sustainable production

Historically, crops have been domesticated without limiting their access to nutrients or water. Since these varieties did not need efficient nutrient absorption and distribution mechanisms, they are poorly adapted to […]

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How can diet influence women’s reproductive health?

The majority of clinical trials focus on male participants. Dr Dequina Nicholas, Assistant Professor at the University of California Irvine in the US, argues that there is an urgent need […]

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Do phytoplankton hold the key to the evolution of marine biodiversity?

Life exploded in our oceans 250 million years ago, leading to the biodiversity that we see today. Before this point, however, the plant and animal life in our seas was […]

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The heart of the matter: Clinical electrophysiology and beyond

Arrythmia – abnormal heart rhythm – can be life-limiting and even life-threatening. In this interview, Research Outreach talks to Professor Benjamin J Scherlag of the University of Oklahoma, USA, about […]

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Month of birth, ultraviolet radiation exposure, and the development of major mental illnesses

Major mental illnesses (MMIs) are a significant global health burden. Recent data confirms that MMI is associated with an individual’s month of birth (MOB). Levels of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) vary […]

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Improving the effectiveness of an anticancer fluoropyrimidine by molecular hybridisation

Capecitabine (Cape) – a fluoropyrimidine used primarily in the treatment of breast and colorectal cancer – disrupts the synthesis of DNA in cancer cells following its conversion to 5-fluorouracil (FU). […]

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A new strategy for the treatment of chronic wounds

Wound healing is highly regulated, but oxidative stress (OS) can disturb this healing process in chronic wounds. To better understand the process of initiating chronicity, Dr Manuela Martins-Green and her […]

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Knee pain: ‘The hidden lesions’ and novel treatments

Knee pain and osteoarthritis (knee OA) impact hugely on quality of life. Drawing from clinical experience and research studies, Professor Shaw-Ruey Lyu and colleagues at the School of Medicine, Tzu-Chi […]

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