EvoSphere: A system where robots can physically evolve

While the field of robotics has made many exciting advances in recent years, designs of new robots are still generally being conceived by human engineers. Inspired by the evolution of […]

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Selecting for feed efficiency to improve milk yield in dairy cows

Breeding programmes in dairy cattle have been successful in the past by selecting for high milk yield, effectively doubling productivity over the past 50 years. However, this approach is reaching […]

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Proteomics reveals new possibilities in the fight against infection

The work of Dr Jennifer Geddes-McAlister at the University of Guelph investigates the interactions between hosts and pathogens to uncover new treatment options to combat infections. Her lab uses a […]

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Thoroughbred racehorses: Speed machines and thermoregulatory specialists

Thoroughbred racehorses are exceptional athletes with explosive speed. At flat-out gallop, their working muscles generate heat faster than it can be lost, causing their core temperature to rise dramatically during […]

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Antibiotic resistance in enterobacteria from pigs

Antibiotic resistance is a global threat affecting humans, pets, livestock and plants. As antibiotic usage to prevent infections is commonplace in livestock farming, there is a significant pressure to adopt […]

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Adaptive thinking as a heuristic in evolutionary psychology

Recently, in evolutionary psychology, many theorists have employed adaptive thinking as a heuristic as it generates hypotheses that can later be tested using the standard scientific procedure. A heuristic is […]

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Tools to not rot jute: Solving a fungal problem

Jute is grown in Bangladesh for its fibres to manufacture various goods for everyday use. Along with environmental challenges, jute faces a devastating threat from the fungal pathogen Macrophomina phaseolina, […]

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