Issue 133

Research Outreach showcases research from a broad range of institutions around the globe. In this issue, we are excited to celebrate some of the pioneers driving the latest discoveries and innovations.

We talk to Peter McLaren of the Paulo Freire Democratic Project at Chapman University, USA. Regarded as one of the leading architects of critical pedagogy, McLaren advocates for a model of education that encourages learners to think critically and independently, with the aim to transform society in the interest of social justice. Research Outreach spoke with McLaren about the future of critical pedagogy and its role inside and outside the classroom.

We were also privileged to learn more from Professor Kent Buse, Co-director of Global Health 50/50. The initiative assesses global health organisations on their gender equality credentials to stamp out discriminatory policies and practices. Buse is also the Director of the Global Healthier Societies Program at The George Institute for Global Health. ‘Fixing systems, not people’, the programme aims to go beyond the provision of basic healthcare, advocating research-based interventions to help people enjoy lifelong good health.

We hope you enjoy learning about the latest research in this new issue.