Our Company

Every day, thousands of research papers are published and teams around the world collaborate on important work. But as members of the general public, how often do we hear about this unless a juicy breakthrough is made?

We believe that to truly value the research being done on our behalf, we must be able to understand it and it has to be visible. And that’s where we come in.

We work with researchers to distil their work into an accessible format. We might focus on a particular project, a laboratory’s effort or the span of a researcher’s career. Either way, our editors work with the researcher to select the information we think will appeal most to you, the reader.

These researchers share our passion for science communication. They really want you to hear about their work and understand its value.

Traditional research publications often have high subscription rates (fees) and use language that assumes a certain level of knowledge. We’re committed to breaking down both of those barriers.

Our content will always be free to access and share. We use clear and simple language with examples and imagery to help you get to grips with the topic. The researchers we work with cover the cost of this communication service so you, and people all around the world, can learn about their work and its importance, barrier-free.