Dr Julie Meachen,

Des Moines University

I was very pleased with my article in Research Outreach. The staff were a pleasure to work with and took care of almost everything. The Research Outreach staff do an amazing job of getting your science out to the public, and targeting specific groups to get the most visibility possible. At present, especially for those scientists in the United States, having a magazine focus on public visibility with easy to understand explanations of why science is important is an invaluable service! The articles are well laid-out, attractive, and clear. Research Outreach gets an A+ in my book and I will definitely work with them again in the future.

Prof Laurent Keller,

European Society for Evolutionary Biology

I really enjoyed working with you. You were very efficient and produced an excellent article based on the phone call we had. I also very much appreciated your willingness to take into account – in a very competent way – all of my suggestions on the first draft of the article. I also very much enjoyed reading the hard copy of the magazine that I received. The topics are very diverse, the treatment is very thorough, and the articles enjoyable to read.

Dr Liz Jenkinson,

Head of Strain Development,
Green Biologics.

We have enjoyed working with Research Outreach to produce our article. The ‘story telling’ layout and the graphics they have generated to accompany the article have enabled us to put our science into context, making it accessible to a much wider audience.

Prof Anthony Serianni,

University of Notre Dame,
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Research Outreach is a highly professional organization. Their writers worked in a transparent fashion throughout the preparation of the article, providing ample opportunity to comment on and edit their work. I am very pleased with the final product – it allowed me to discuss our work in broader, more integrative terms than what is permitted in traditional scientific publications.

Dr Tania Roth,

University of Delaware,
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

I really enjoyed working with the Research Outreach team. They did a wonderful job making our research accessible to a broad audience. The hard copy of the article I just received looks amazing. Thanks Research Outreach!

Prof David Hutchison,

Lancaster University

My colleagues and I are very happy we decided to publish with Research Outreach. The resulting article is a delight, quite different from our usual engineering-style content, and we hope it reaches some places that our other papers haven’t been able to – this is important, given the message we want to convey about better protecting the Internet from cyberattacks and other challenges. It’s also vital to highlight the value of public-funded research programmes.

We really enjoyed working with the editorial team, and learned a lot from the process. They created the initial draft, and we sent them a succession of refinements until we felt the piece was ready; the team’s speed of response and helpfulness were truly impressive, as was the quality of design and layout they introduced in the finished article.
It was truly an enjoyable experience working with the professional and engaging team at Research Features. I was stunned at the spot on accuracy of the article given the relative complex nature of the topic. The presentation was complete, accurate and written brilliantly for the expert and the novice. I was very pleased with the hard copy magazine and the electronic versions of the feature. I couldn’t be happier with the collaboration and look forward to the fruit it will certainly bear.

Thank you and your team again for such a wonderful experience!

Dr Pratik Jagtap,

University of Minnesota

Our experience working with Research Outreach was outstanding! Our interactions were very professional, and the publication staff were very responsive to all of our questions and requests.

The process required only a little time and effort on our part — we answered some questions from the publication staff and provided some material which described the purpose and scope of our research. The Research Outreach staff took it from there and produced a well-written article with vibrant and stunning graphics to go with it. They were very open to our ideas for some small changes, and ultimately, they produced a high-quality and professional publication describing our work.

This publication will be very valuable to us for years to come as we continue to promote our work to the greater research community. We would highly recommend publication in Research Outreach as an effective means to promote your work!