Podcasts & Video Abstracts

Research Outreach are committed to the creation of valuable digital content which allows the research community we serve to engage with a broader audience, connecting science with society.

Podcasts and video content are proving to be some of the most powerful digital communication tools available today. Not only reserved for the commercial market, both tools offer viable routes to enhanced public outreach for the research community.

Research Outreach offer heavily discounted creation of both Podcasts and Video Abstracts for all researchers taking part in the Research Outreach publication. We also offer both services as a standalone service to those who have not appeared within our publication.

The process is straight forward, and all final media will be owned by the research team on whose behalf we have created the content.

Content is distributed globally with no requirement for the viewer or listener to pay or subscribe. We are committed to a truly barrier-free engagement experience.

Contact us today to begin production of your Podcast and Video Abstract