Our editorial team will work with you to create a script of not more than 1500 words, written in a language the wider community can understand. Each podcast production is designed to provide an entry point to understanding your work for any non-specialist who wishes to find out more.

Once the script has been approved, we use seasoned voice actors who will record the podcast within a studio environment, ensuring all digital sound files are of professional quality.

For Research Outreach publication clients, we host the podcast alongside the digital article page. This ensures that for those who are visually impaired, or for those who simply would rather listen than read, access is provided in a clear and concise fashion.


If taking part within the Research Outreach publication, the cost for Podcast and Video services is heavily reduced. Our editorial team will already possess information and imagery which we can use to create this media and thus save considerable time.

Initial script of max. 1500 words to be provided by the research team we are working with. Our editorial team will then edit and finalise the script, with your final approval.

The resulting podcast will run for between 8 to 12 minutes in total, with a professional voice actor studio-recording the final digital file.

Podcast will then be hosted on iTunes and SoundCloud and further integration into various ‘Podcast’ apps. All content will be owned by you, the research team on whose behalf we are working.

Research Outreach publication client: £410 
New clients seeking Podcast production only: £990 

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