Issue 105

This issue has a truly global feel with researchers featured from institutions around the world. Reflecting the international face of research is something we are particularly proud of and hope to expand on in future issues.

We’re also proud to publish under Creative Commons (CC) licensing. Building a genuinely open, transparent and international publishing community has become easier thanks to CC licences. Graham Steel (Publishing Consultant and Interim Representative for the United Kingdom to the CC Global Network Council) explains more.

The American Heart Association has been educating people on CPR, heart health, stroke and heart disease worldwide for nearly 100 years. Chief of Mission Aligned Businesses and Healthcare Solutions, John Meiners, tells us more about the Association’s key strategies including a focus on prevention.

As diverse in topic as it is in geography, issue 105 of Research Outreach covers Health & Medicine, Physical Sciences, Biology, Engineering & Technology, Education & Training and Behavioural Sciences.