Issue 109

This issue of Research Outreach ranges across a breadth of research, all of it fascinating. We hear from researchers working in diverse fields, from medicine to law, biology to physics. Two insightful interviews also highlight key focus points for the issue.

A collaboration between streaming behemoth Netflix, experienced nature film creators Silverback Films and longstanding NGO World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the Our Planet series was breathtaking. High scientific value, beautifully shot scenes and David Attenborough’s acclaimed narration proved a winning combination. Our Planet’s Education Manager, Matt Larsen-Daw, discusses the series and explains the wider education and outreach intentions.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association is a multifaceted organisation that works to understand Motor Neurone Disease and offer support to those who suffer from it and their families. Dr Brian Dickie, Director of Research Development at the MND Association, shares his insights on the association’s work and the future for the disease.

Working with each of the researchers featured in this issue has been a pleasure. We hope you enjoying discovering the details of their compelling work.