Issue 110

In this issue of Research Outreach magazine we’re excited to feature an extraordinary array of research from across the globe.

New research is beginning to explore the role that play has on children’s learning and development. Research Outreach attended the annual Primary Science Education Committee (PSEC) conference and spoke with Early Years experts to find out more.

Recognising the difficulties women can face in the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is Science and Technology in Australia (STA). They are driving initiatives forward to include female representation in STEM fields. We speak to STA’s president, Professor Emma Johnston, about how they are supporting and celebrating female scientists and technologists.

Members of our team also attended the New Scientist Live festival in London this month. We share our highlights from the event which showcases some incredible innovations, technologies and research.

We’re sure you will enjoy learning more about the work of the researchers we feature in this issue. Delve right in and discover the fascinating research inside!