Issue 111

Increasing the accessibility of cutting-edge research is important to us at Research Outreach. In this issue, the last of 2019, we continue to celebrate the latest developments in research, spanning a broad range of disciplines. We talk to dedicated teams from all corners of the globe who explain their findings, share their successes, and discuss challenges and future hopes for their work.

Also devoted to engaging the public in science is the European Citizen Science Association, who are promoting the growth of the citizen science movement in Europe and improving public participation in scientific processes. Research Outreach met with the ECSA to learn more about their work and their aims to tackle many of our greatest challenges, such as climate change and social equality, through wider societal participation in citizen science.

We speak to Giels Brouwer, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of SciSports, world-leading provider of groundbreaking football data intelligence. Giels tells us about their machine-learning algorithm that provides actionable data to professional football organisations, football players, media and entertainment, helping them to stay one step ahead of the game.

Welcome to our final issue of Research Outreach for 2019! We’re thrilled with it, and we think you will be, too.