Issue 113

Welcome to this issue of Research Outreach magazine.

We are publishing this issue in the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In this extraordinary and challenging period, it is time to focus on what we can all do to help. At Research Outreach we strongly feel that it is more important than ever that science should continue to be disseminated. During a time where so much panic is being spread across social media we feel more passionately than ever about the importance of disseminating important and accurate research.

We speak to Nesta, an innovation foundation that aims to turn bold ideas into reality; changing lives for the better. Tackling problems with a combination of expertise, skills and funding, Nesta takes a practical, collaborative and evidence-based approach to the challenges faced by many of today’s organisations.

We’re sure you will enjoy learning more about the work of the researchers we feature in this issue. Delve right in and discover the fascinating research inside!