Issue 116

Welcome to Research Outreach! This issue we showcase new research from around the world and learn how the researchers featured are working to make a difference.

The current global coronavirus pandemic highlights the vital need for scientists and scientific organisations to communicate, implement research and work together effectively and efficiently. Providing expert scientific support to groups and institutions across Europe, the European Science Foundation has established itself as a critical member of the science community. We talk to CEO Nicolas Walter about the ESF’s role in influencing and shaping the European research landscape and how he hopes science and research will develop in the future.

The Center of Interdisciplinary Science Promotion and Innovation Research Exploration (InSPIRE) aims to enhance scientific research through innovative partnerships between academia and industry. InSPIRE co-founder Dr Panayiotis Andreou tells us more about the collaborative nature of the centre’s projects, educational activities and community engagement.

We hope that our audience around the world will enjoy learning more about the work of the researchers featured in this issue of Research Outreach magazine.