Issue 117

Welcome to Research Outreach! This issue features a diverse array of research from across the globe. We’re excited to discover fascinating new insights, ranging from renewable energy concepts to a new weapon in the fight against cancer and the gender gap in STEM careers.

Scientific evidence, when used responsibly, has the potential to be a great power for good. However, our lives often revolve around claims based on little, poor or poorly understood evidence. Sense about Science is changing that. We speak with director Tracey Brown who tells us more about their initiatives to encourage public discussion, education and scrutiny when it comes to science.

And their work feels more relevant now than ever: the public health debate around COVID-19 saw unprecedented levels of engagement across society in discussions about modelling, scientific advice mechanisms, and clinical trials.

It feels like an appropriate moment to take time out of your day to discover the breadth of research being conducted around the world. We hope that you enjoy learning about the work of the researchers featured in this issue of Research Outreach. We certainly did!