Issue 119

We at Research Outreach strive to make cutting-edge research more accessible. This issue features a diverse array of topics, ranging from financial innovation to gene editing.

Paul Ramsbottom, CEO of the independent grant-making charity Wolfson Foundation, explains how academic decision-making is at the heart of what they do, and how the Wolfson Foundation has adapted to support cultural institutions and health charities in the face of a global crisis. They believe that philanthropy has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital Science is a company that looks to improve old research practices with new tools and technologies. They have invested in and support 14 different software companies to make a researcher’s life easier – by helping them discover reference material, share research data, or enhance collaborative writing. CEO Daniel Hook explains what the future of a collaborative research ecosystem might look like.

Welcome to our final issue of Research Outreach for 2020! Delve right in and discover the fascinating topics of the researchers featured in this issue.