Issue 121

Here at Research Outreach we believe that effective science communication is critical, especially in times of crisis like the global pandemic. This month we feature some of the latest research discoveries spanning a wide range of topics.

The Pulse tells stories at the heart of health, science and innovation. Their weekly hour-long podcast and radio programmes tackle a variety of subjects, covering a wide range of questions such as: Where does personality come from? What’s it like to work in the emergency room during a global pandemic? We caught up with host and executive producer Maiken Scott who told us more about the show’s history and mission.

Issue 121 provides you with a wealth of cutting-edge research. We find out more about gender inequality in entrepreneurship and how investors make funding decisions involving female versus male entrepreneurs. We also learn about an individualised treatment framework for patients affected by the coronavirus that is helping to improve clinical outcomes.

Join our readership around the world and dive into the latest collection of fascinating articles.