Issue 123

Welcome to Research Outreach! This issue has a truly global feel with researchers featured from institutions around the world.

We catch up with Dr Alexandra Freeman, Executive Director of the Winton Centre for Rish and Evidence Communication. Based at the University of Cambridge, the centre was established with a simple belief: that everyone deserves to hear accurate evidence concerning matters which are important to their lives. Never has this core principle been so vital as during the COVID-19 pandemic. We learn more about the centre’s vital work: helping to improve the way that important evidence is communicated.

Research Outreach also talks to Dr Leslie McIntosh, founder and CEO of Ripeta. An automated tool designed with a simple but vital objective, Ripeta enhances the credibility, reproducibility, and trustworthiness of scientific research papers. We learn more about the origins and objectives of the company, and discuss some of the challenges of open scientific publishing.

It’s a real pleasure to share the exciting research featured in this issue and learn more about how it sets to make a difference to our world. So take a look inside! We hope you enjoy this issue of Research Outreach as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together.