Issue 124

Welcome to Research Outreach! In this issue, we feature researchers working across various disciplines, ranging from digital transformation in higher education to climate change and social justice.

Scientists seeking to transition from academia to industry are often faced with inefficient and biased hiring models. Not only does this waste time and cause confusion for both employer and job seeker, but it also risks stifling scientific innovation further down the line. We spoke to Elizabeth Wu and Dr Danika Khong, who founded Scismic with these problems in mind. Scismic Job Seeker connects researchers to jobs they’ll excel in and provides a platform for hiring companies, saving them time in the screening process.

The Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MCSRF) is devoted to developing and supporting innovative research into all aspects of stem-cell-based technologies. We catch up with Dr Amritha Jaishankar, Executive Director of MSCRF, about her work with the organization and the future of stem-cell-based treatments and cures. MSCRF offers six different funding opportunities that support start-up companies or established companies, provide postdoctoral training, and much more.

Delve right in and discover the fascinating topics of the researchers featured in this issue. We hope you enjoy this issue of Research Outreach as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together.