Issue 126

Research Outreach continues to showcase research from a broad range of institutions around the globe.

This issue we’re excited to shine a light on research from the World Health Organization. With partner organisations, WHO is raising awareness of one of the biggest public health challenges of our time: antimicrobial resistance (AMR). We learn more about the progress on this front and the impact of COVID-19 through the Tripartite AMR Country Self-Assessment Survey (TrACSS).

The HIBAR Research Alliance (HRA) brings together contributors who share the vision of a research ecosystem optimised to solve important societal problems. HRA Director Lorne Whitehead tells us more about use-inspired research and how to get involved.

Writefull provides academic and technical writing software using highly complex algorithms. Research Outreach spoke to Dr Hilde van Zeeland, Writefull’s applied linguist, to learn more.

We also highlight the research of Emeritus Professor Roger Cooke, creator of the Classical Model, to quantify uncertainty using expert opinion. Professor Cooke presents an online course on structured expert judgment, developed together with Dr Tina Nane and Dr Anca Hanea.

Join our readers across the globe to discover the exciting research featured in this issue.