Issue 127

In the last issue of 2021, Research Outreach offers another fascinating journey through a diverse array of research, featuring a wide range of global institutions.

In this issue, we spoke to Opher Baron, Distinguished Professor of Operations Management at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, about the intersection between healthcare and business analytics. He also shed light on the COVID PPE Help platform, which vitally facilitated the distribution and exchange of personal protective equipment across Canada.

The Story Collider is an organisation with a simple yet highly important task: to communicate stories about science. All too often, a limited range of voices come to monopolise the narrative around scientific research. Research Outreach spoke to Erin Barker, Executive Director and co-founder of The Story Collider, about the fascinating and surprising business of storying science.

We also shine a light upon the research of Professor Alastair V Ferguson, whose interdisciplinary neuroscience research group at Queen’s University is researching blood brain communication.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue, and we look forward to the wealth of cutting-edge research which we will continue to bring you in the new year.