Issue 128

Welcome to Research Outreach! In our first issue of 2022, we feature some of the latest research discoveries encompassing a wide range of topics, ranging from social issues in higher education to climate change and telemedicine.

Dr Karen Jacqueline Cloete is an interdisciplinary scientific researcher affiliated to the UNESCO-University of South Africa Africa Chair in Nanosciences-Nanotechnology, and the Nanosciences African Network-iThemba LABS-National Research Foundation. As well as working at the rich intersection between nanotechnology, chemistry and biology, Dr Cloete asks broader questions about the relationship between science and society. With Research Outreach, she discusses effective science communication and gives suggestions for scientists who are looking to reach wider audiences.

Throughout the long months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of quality science journalism has been widely recognised. But how can we ensure that the complexity of cutting-edge research is communicated accurately while keeping the audience engaged? Research Outreach spoke with Siri Carpenter, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Open Notebook, about the challenges and rewards of this most interesting form of journalism.

Delve right in and discover the fascinating topics of the researchers featured in this issue. We hope you enjoy learning about the latest research as much as we did!