Issue 129

Welcome to Research Outreach! This issue, we feature researchers working across a variety of disciplines, ranging from the accelerated discovery of materials to climate change mitigation.

Nonprofit Ladders4Action is working to radically enhance the equality and inclusivity of the UK’s research spaces. We were privileged to speak with founder Dr Addy Adelaine, about how Ladders4Action seeks to protect and nurture marginalised voices who might otherwise feel excluded from these spaces, and fosters a community of researchers from a diverse array of backgrounds.

We also learn more from Professor of International Political Economy at Boston University, Perry Mehrling, whose research aims to make sense of the modern monetary landscape. Mehrling’s ‘Money View’ is a compelling approach to monetary economics that draws together ideas from both economics and finance. We discuss some of the central concerns of the Money View, how Mehrling’s teaching has helped formulate his ideas, and what Money View can tell us about the global monetary system.

It’s a real pleasure to share the latest exciting research from around the globe. We hope you enjoy this issue of Research Outreach as much as we did!