Issue 134

At Research Outreach, we strive to showcase leading research from around the globe and make it accessible to everyone. This issue, our first of 2023, does just that. It’s a real pleasure to share more fascinating topics with you and discover how the researchers featured are making a difference to our world.

Tropical peatlands are a globally important reservoir of water and carbon and are vital for preventing and mitigating the effects of climate change, preserving biodiversity, and minimising flood risk. We take a closer look at the latest research from Professor Mitsuru Osaki, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Research at University of Hokkaido, Japan, and collaborators who are exploring a new approach for managing tropical peatlands. Their innovative AeroHydro culture management approach fosters long-term sustainability practices and increases carbon sequestration.

The annual Vesalius Innovation Awards honours young and innovative start-up companies in the fields of health and open science. Research Outreach was privileged to speak with 2022 VIA finalists Patrick Starke, imagetwin; Kate Gardner, scientifyRESEARCH; and Anita Bandrowski, SciCrunch, to find out how their platforms impact the research world. We also hear their perspectives on the impact of technology on the future of research.

So sit back and take a look inside. We hope you enjoy learning about the latest research in this latest issue as much as we did