Issue 137

Welcome to our August issue of Research Outreach! This month, we’re exploring why women experience more chronic pain than men and why our current methods for assessing radiation risk may need to be re-examined. We also discuss teacher turnover and its effects – not just its impact on schools and students but also on educators themselves.

Many borders exist that prevent free and open academic exchange networks. The German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD, aims to spread the value of ‘exchange’ across borders and cultures through diverse, funded research projects. Research Outreach was privileged to talk with Kai Sicks, Secretary General, on the achievements, future goals, and challenges the DAAD faces in promoting collaborative research.

The British Science Association (BSA) encourages the development of community-led research projects, interactive and inspiring science engagement, and effective science communication for all. While research in the sciences has often been labelled as insular and disconnected from society, the BSA aims to connect communities to researchers to solve real-world problems. We spoke with the BSA’s Chief Executive, Hannah Russell, on her esteemed career and what the future holds for research funding and collaboration.

It’s an absolute pleasure to discover how the research featured is making a difference in our world. We hope you enjoy learning more about it as much as we did.