Video Abstracts

By 2020 Google predict that video content will make up an astounding 87% of all internet traffic. Two out of three professional marketers predict that video will account for much of their content by 2020.

Researchers can, and should, utilise the power of video for public engagement.

Research Outreach are proud to offer a specialist Video Abstract service dedicated and tailored to the research community.

Each Video Abstract will be between 60 and 90 seconds in length. The aim is to provide an eye-catching overview of your work, alongside meaningful and powerful imagery.

You submit a short script of max 150 words as well as images our production team can freely use. Our editors will check and refine your script and we will also source additional generic images with full royalty rights.

Viewers of the video will be encouraged to follow a link, embedded in the description below the video, to find out more about the work displayed.


If taking part within the Research Outreach publication the cost for Podcast and Video services is heavily reduced. Our editorial team will already possess information and imagery which we can use to create this media and thus save considerable time.

A 60 to 90 second overview of your work and impact within your research field. All geared towards a lay audience.

Hosted across multiple social media channels and with all original content being owned by you, the research team we collaborate with. Equipping you with an extremely useful tool to further your public outreach goals.

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