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May 12, 2023

Research Outreach – Issue 135: Surgical simulation, sloppy science, and The Secret of Kells

Research Outreach Issue 135 is brimming with insightful articles on the most recent research currently being undertaken. It covers medieval art and its relationship to a modern animation, innovative surgical simulations, and the danger of sloppy science. We also discuss the use of AI in academic editing with Charlotte Baptista, Product Head at Paperpal, and a new initiative to increase diversity and inclusivity in the world of cybersecurity.

Last but not least, we cover exciting research in Africa that is leading the way in applying smart architectural design to tackle the thermal discomfort that comes with increasing temperatures, and analyses how rainwater harvesting can conserve water resources.

A review of bioclimatic architectural systems, offering energy-saving strategies to improve thermal comfort in the face of climate change, focusing on buildings in Africa.

Cleft lip simulation: A step closer to achieving surgical excellence

Surgical training is a meticulous and increasingly complex process as techniques improve and standards of care rise. A surgical simulation model may help trainees increase their skills without needing to perform surgery on actual patients, as some students find it difficult to access the required number of cases to attain the necessary standards of excellence.

Sloppy science, shortcuts, and COVID-19

Sloppy science is a worrying modern trend that has only worsened since the COVID-19 pandemic, as shortcuts and over-simplifications were made to make scientific research give the desired answers rather than the real results. This article examines how scientific integrity can be damaged by poor research design, unreliable findings, and a lack of interrogation of results.

The challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to the most public display yet of widespread sloppy science.

Paperpal: AI-driven solutions to revolutionise global research publishing

Research Outreach speaks to Charlotte Baptista, Product Head at Paperpal, an AI-driven academic editing software that helps non-native English speaking researchers produce high-quality manuscripts. She discusses how the app provides instant language feedback that is beneficial for non-native English speaking researchers, as well as technical checks that help all researchers catch mistakes that would result in desk rejection.

Back to the future: The Secret of Kells brings the past to life

Although we may think that our current era is the most multicultural, a new study shows that we are not the first culture to bring together text and visual art. This examination of the relationship between modern and ancient media uncovers the surprising similarities between the creative team of a modern Irish animated film and the medieval monks who produced the piece of art that inspired it.

The Book of Kells is 1,200 years old.


Inclusivity, diversity, and gender equality in cybersecurity

Cyber attacks remain an international threat as digital and communication technologies reshape modern life. However, the Internet remains largely unpoliced and cyber attacks are a constant threat that could happen anywhere, at any time. A recent programme is working to build the international, inclusive cybersecurity approaches that are needed to tackle these modern problems.

Sustainable building strategies to combat climate change in Africa

Smart building designs currently adopted in Africa to help reduce energy consumption could be implemented globally, thus avoiding the energy-intensive cooling systems used to regulate internal temperatures. In the face of climate change, these ‘low-tech’, passive solutions will help everyone achieve thermal comfort without needing to resort to expensive electrical options.

Shaded areas around structures is effective for reducing direct sunlight inside buildings.

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