Generalising the entropy formula through master equations

Entropy is one of the most important and most widely studied quantities in physics, and for centuries, its value has been robustly described using simple mathematical relationships. Yet however elegant, Tamás Biró at the Hungarian Academy of Science believes the formula is hiding a more complex array of relationships. Through constructing ‘master equations’ to describe these relationships, Biró and his colleagues […]

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When kinetic theories clash, mind the lattice step: A statistical physics approach to the motion of atoms within materials

Master Equations Fokker–Planck Equations research outreach

What happens when the method used to search out an answer appears to have an effect on the answer itself? In the field of Statistical Physics, two different approaches have been used to describe the particle kinetics: the so-called Master Equations; and their counterpart, the Fokker–Planck Equations. But which is better and why does the approach used have an effect on the […]

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