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November 14, 2023

Access to Diabetes Care: World Diabetes Day 2023

Accessing healthcare should be a fundamental human right. However, this isn’t the case for millions of diabetes patients globally. Aiming to overcome the barriers in diabetes healthcare, World Diabetes Day 2023 focuses on the theme ‘Access to Diabetes Care’.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that causes health complications and economic hardship, and yet type 2 diabetes is easily managed or even prevented by lifestyle changes and regular screening. With breakthroughs in the understanding and treatment of type 1 diabetes leading to a hybrid closed loop system or ‘artificial pancreas’, there is always hope that accessing the much-need medical support for diabetes will continue to change lives.

Welcome to a selection of articles we have produced on the topic, and join us in raising awareness of World Diabetes Day 2023.

Flexibility is key in treating children with type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes patients need insulin treatment to manage their blood sugar levels. This treatment, however, requires the patient to be able to recognise their own symptoms, which is particularly difficult for children. A new, long-lasting insulin treatment may offer the flexibility that children with type 1 diabetes need to regulate their insulin levels more effectively.

Blood vessels

Neuromodulation – the future of diabetes treatments

Treating type 1 and often type 2 diabetes means using insulin or other medications. Many people forget to take daily medications, which means that a new method of stimulating nerves involved in blood sugar levels might provide better and more robust treatment outcomes for diabetes patients.

The researchers discovered a novel bioelectric modulation technique for improving blood sugar control.

Could a serpin antibody help to treat type 1 diabetes?

Inflammation and tissue regeneration are two sides of the same coin, and the balance between these processes can shed light on how a specific antibody could be used as a marker and even a potential way to protect against type 1 diabetics.

Could a serpin antibody help to treat type 1 diabetes? Investigating the connection between inflammation and tissue regeneration.

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