Nuts about nuts: The Mediterranean solution to diabetes control

Professor David Jenkins and his team at The University of Toronto investigate the impacts of exchanging carbohydrates for mixed nuts – a source of unsaturated fats – on critical risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as low-density lipoprotein particle size and apolipoprotein B levels. They also discern that adopting a lower-carb, high-fat diet, reminiscent of the Mediterranean diet, increases glycaemic […]

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Could stem cells offer a viable treatment for retinopathy?

BetaStem Therapeutics research outreach

Diabetes is a growing global epidemic, with over 400 million affected and cases expected to double in the next 10 years. Retinopathy, or damage to the blood vessels in the retina, occurs in most patients with type 1 diabetes and 75 per cent of patients with type 2 diabetes, leading to vision loss for many. BetaStem Therapeutics is a stem […]

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