In search of supermassive black hole feedback

In this science research article: Professor Scannapieco’s research focuses on understanding feedback processes in galaxy formation and the evolution of the elements across cosmic time.

Professor Evan Scannapieco and his team at Arizona State University have been investigating the puzzle of why the largest galaxies in the universe, once the most active, have become dormant and ceased to produce stars. They were one of the first to propose a mechanism that involved colossal feedback from supermassive black holes at the centre of the galaxies and […]

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The Sun’s crowning glory: observing the corona

This science article explores Dr DeLuca’s recent project aimed to observe five magnetically sensitive coronal emission lines in the Sun’s corona during the recent 2017 solar eclipse.

How do you observe a faint light next to a very bright one? Put simply, with great difficulty. Our knowledge of the outer atmosphere of the Sun – called its corona – is still fairly limited, due to difficulties observing this part of the Sun. Fortunately, solar eclipses (where the Moon and Sun perfectly overlap ‘in syzygy’) provide scientists, such […]

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