Dry needling could hold the key to relieving lower back pain

Lower back pain is a common health issue in adults. Many treatments, both conventional and alternative, are available. Dry needling is an alternative medicine technique that is gaining popularity among physical therapists and their patients. In an upcoming study, Dr Ulrike Mitchell of Brigham Young University, Provo, USA and her team will investigate the potential of dry needling to relieve […]

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Flame merging: Investigating the spread of wildland fires

Flame merging Investigating the spread of wildland fires

Wildland fires spread when flames merge together: individual leaves ignite, the flames merge, and the fire spreads. Similarly, when adjacent bushes catch fire, the flames merge together forming a larger, more intense fire capable of spreading faster. Professor Thomas H. Fletcher of Brigham Young University has carried out laboratory experiments and computational simulations of flames merging together in order to […]

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