Crisis management techniques transform adolescent behaviour

Adolescence is a transitional period following childhood, during which we begin to comprehend what it means to be an adult. Heartbreakingly, children growing up in highly stressful, violent and abusive circumstances can be left behind at this stage. They often develop coping strategies that do not prepare them well for adolescence and which can lead to three serious crises: suicide, aggression […]

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A new class of antibiotic drugs

a science article about Dr McMaster’s research which focuses on metabolic regulation with an eye toward the development of therapies for unmet medical needs in the infectious and inherited disease spaces.

Finding new classes of antibiotic drugs could not only save human lives, but also greatly reduce the healthcare costs related to tackling bacteria resistant to currently available drugs. Professor Chris McMaster, director of the Cheminformatics Drug Discovery Lab at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, is developing a new class of antibiotics, while trying to overcome the many challenges associated with […]

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