Carcinogenesis: When transmission of epigenetic information goes awry

Professor Patrick Riley Research Outreach

Genes are blueprints that code for proteins and in turn, proteins drive most activities within our cells. But between genes and their protein products is the layer of epigenetics – genes may be expressed differently depending on the heritable, epigenetic features that switch them on and off. Charting new territories in carcinogenesis, Professor Patrick Riley at University College London explores […]

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The epigenetic effects of adverse early-life experiences

Dr Roth’s work explores the impact our environment, specifically stress, on our genes and how these epigenetic changes affect early life experiences.

Environmental factors interact with genetics in driving living organisms’ development throughout life. Epigenetics is the field of study that explores this interaction, as well as its potential effects on individuals’ behaviour and health. Dr Tania Roth, working at the University of Delaware in Newark, USA, carried out extensive research exploring the impact of the environment, particularly stress factors, on individual […]

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