A trick of the light: Discovering Dark-Bright and Anti-Dark-Bright Solitons

A fiber laser is an excellent experimental testbed for studying optical solitons.

Light has many incredible properties. They range from its strange duality of behaviour, acting either as a wave or a particle, to demonstrating incredible nonlinear effects that can be exploited with laser and optical technologies. One such property is the ability of light waves to form solitons when they pass through materials like optical fibres. Solitons, or solitary waves, occur […]

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Ethical political economy lessons from the Malay world through the Hikayat Abdullah 1849

Alan Chong of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, examines the social and economic viewpoints of indigenous people about the positive and negative impacts of the colonial experience and good governance on the maritime silk route. He uses the quasi-autobiographical book Hikayat Abdullah as a lens to examine an outsider’s view of the colonial experience in Southeast Asia and the effects of […]

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