A conceptual approach for interpreting the expanding instances of the internationalisation of education

The internationalisation of education (IE) has accelerated across the past two decades. Although there are now a range of representations and discussions of IE, lacking is a historically-informed framework to connect domains and levels of IE practices. Dr Paul Tarc from Western University argues for a conceptual approach to IE, one that includes theorising past and present enabling conditions of international education […]

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Globalisation through a post-colonialist lens: understanding our past is key to our present

a social studies research article about Professor Brydon’s research which aims to improve understanding of how globalisation and culture interact and what humanities-based study can contribute to meeting global challenges.

Professor Diana Brydon is a leading research scholar, working at the intersections of globalisation and post-colonial cultural studies. Through her work, we can see how processes of globalisation have changed many aspects of our daily lives. She frames her study of concepts such as autonomy, community and democracy with the understanding that the history of colonialism is still entangled in […]

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