Action research creates a shared future for elephants and humans

An elephant population migrating within the Sahel region.

In 2009 a crisis faced the elephant and human populations of central Mali, when a vital fresh water source dried up. Reduced rainfall and increased human activity, including vast herds of domestic cattle, contributed to this critical problem. Dr Susan Canney of the University of Oxford and Director of the Mali Elephant Project, decided a new and prompt approach was […]

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Climate change: 40 years on the front lines of the climate change wars

Gary Yohe, a Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies at the Wesleyan University has been on the front lines of climate change research for the last 40 years. This is an overview of his influential work on climate change risk management, adaptation, mitigation, detection and attribution. Gary Yohe specialises in Microeconomic theory, Natural Resources, and Environmental Economics. As well as […]

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