Quantifying layered patterns in nature, medicine, and materials

Quantifying layered patterns in nature, medicine, and material

The morphology of layered anisotropic systems plays a crucial part in the development of new materials as well as in medical, forensic and biomimetic research. The ability to quantitatively describe these morphologies is required for solving scientific and engineering problems. Dr Igor Smolyar, from the National Centers for Environment Information/NOAA, Professor Tim Bromage, from New York University and Professor Dr […]

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Time for a new approach to severe traumatic brain injury and stroke: Developments in automated, real-time monitoring of brain stem function

Dr James Stone Research Outreach

Traumatic brain injury and stroke can lead to a potentially fatal condition known as transtentorial herniation (TTH). Monitoring sedated patients for indications that TTH is developing presents many complications. Dr James Stone from New York University has developed a modified version of a test for brain activity in response to sound that shows promise in detecting early indications of TTH. […]

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