Reframing understanding as a phase transition

jigsaw puzzle pieces, representing the puzzling nature of knowledge

When understanding comes to us, it can come suddenly. As we finally see how the different parts of a problem fall into place, it can bring about feelings of satisfaction, and perhaps even frustration that we did not discern the seemingly obvious solution beforehand. In their research, Dipl.-Phil. Elena Popova and Professor Valentin Popov at Technische Universität Berlin argue that […]

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Quantum light for biomedical imaging

a scientist looks into a microscope

Normally, when we photograph an object, we rely on visible light from the sun that is captured directly by the camera sensor. When it comes to looking at cells and tissue samples though, it is often better to use infrared light. Inna Kviatkovsky and Dr Sven Ramelow at the Humboldt University Berlin, together with their collaborators at Max Delbruck Center […]

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Hydrogen’s Second Flavour: A Solution to Dark Matter?

Prof Oks has conducted research in atomic and molecular physics.

From their observations, astronomers widely predict that dark matter must comprise around 85% of all matter in the universe. So far, however, most theories about the nature of this mysterious source of mass have pinned their hopes on theoretical, as-yet undiscovered particles. Professor Eugene Oks from the Physics Department of the Auburn University has proposed that a more natural explanation […]

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Stress, our hated guard: Or how theoretical physics could explain the phenomenon of life

In his new book – Generalized Lagrangian Approach and Behavior of Living Systems – Professor Uziel Sandler, from the Lev Academic Centre (JCT), explains how a specific generalisation of a Lagrangian function can help theoretical physics to describe the phenomenon of life. He demonstrates how the generalised Lagrangians allow Lagrangian dynamics to be used to describe the behaviour of living […]

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The REEMS Programme: discovering untapped talent

Mr Sheinberg’s current research objectives focus on identifying, educating and serving as the Principal Investigator for students involved in Houston Community College’s REEMS programme.

To many, materials science represents a fairly inaccessible, complicated topic of science requiring a highly academic approach. Mr Bartlett Sheinberg’s Research Experiences and Exploration in Materials Science (REEMS) Programme aims to overcome this – contextualising materials science for community college students. The programme’s approach also aims to instil confidence in these students and provide them with skills to help them progress […]

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Pushing the boundaries – interrogating magnetism at material interfaces

this research article covers Dr Holcomb’s work which focuses on the properties of the boundaries of two materials. These are often very different to the properties of the bulk of the material and Dr Holcomb aims to develop methods for studying the boundaries specifically.

In order to keep improving electronic devices, whether it be computers or sensors, researchers must understand what is going on, on an atomic level. Understanding the behaviour of ions within materials is difficult enough, but when you put two materials together it gets much more complicated. Dr Mikel Holcomb, Associate Professor from West Virginia University, has dedicated her work to finding […]

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