Fathers who use violence: Shifting the focus toward the perpetrator

Organisational context needs to change in order to support social workers.

Professor Cathy Humphreys of the University of Melbourne and Dr Susan Heward-Belle of the University of Sydney examine the best ways we can bring about organisational change in the way we handle domestic abuse and domestic violence by fathers, using communities of practice that allow bottom-up participatory action research to bring about top-down complex systems change. When examining the field […]

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The Bristol School of Multiculturalism

Key figures from the Bristol School of Multiculturalism

It’s an exciting moment when like-minds come together and produce insights that create a new paradigm in their subject discipline. A leading academic in Australia believes that moment of synergy has come for a group of political theorists and sociologists associated with the University of Bristol in the UK. So significant is their non-liberal approach to multiculturalism, Geoffrey Brahm Levey, […]

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Shouldering the burden: A new approach to shoulder pain

A woman holding her painful shoulder

The work of Professor Richard Page and Dr Stephen Gill, the Barwon Centre for Orthopaedic Research and Education (B-CORE), uses sophisticated and modern technologies to examine gene expression and molecular pathways in painful conditions of the shoulder, including frozen shoulder. Ultimately, they hope to improve quality of life and treatment outcomes for people of all ages suffering from musculoskeletal pain […]

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