Integrative plant responses: How seagrasses adjust to light

Thalassia testudinum is characterised by a leaf physiology that is adapted to shade.

The shallow coastal waters that house tropical seagrass meadows are often highly illuminated. In the Caribbean, the main habitat builder is the species Thalassia testudinum, characterised by a leaf physiology adapted to shade. Dense canopies allow the seagrass to survive in such environments, but depth colonisation requires canopy and underground mass adjustments. These integrative plant responses are essential to adjusting […]

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Open range cattle herding in Texas: A very European affair

herding cattle

Cowboys on horseback are an icon of Texas. The commonly accepted scenario is that cattle herding, first introduced into Mexico, expanded northward via the arid central highlands. However, Professor William E. Doolittle (University of Texas at Austin), has revealed a much more important route via the tropical lowlands of Mexico’s east coast. Cattle were first introduced to this region by […]

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Can minimum marriageable age laws truly prevent teenage pregnancy?

Around the world, more than a fifth of women are married before the age of 18. But, why is this significant and how does this relate to teenage pregnancy? Girls who are married before 18 are more likely to drop out of school, become victims of domestic abuse, and die from complications due to childbirth. Not only does this present […]

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To Test, Or Not To Test – The COVID-19 Question

The research showed that countries with a higher health expenditure identify more positive cases and deaths.

Dr Cristina Isabel Ibarra-Armenta is a lecturer at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa and UNICAF University. Dr Moisés Alejandro Alarcon-Osuna is a lecturer at the University of Guadalajara, and a member of the Mexican System of National Researchers from CONACYT (National Council for Science and Technology). Their research focuses on econometrics, regional analysis, and policy and technology change. In a […]

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Scalloped hammerhead sharks have more complex migratory routes than expected

By assessing their migratory routes, the researchers ensure that populations of the scalloped hammerhead shark are protected through conservation and management tools.

Using a new method to study migratory routes of scalloped hammerhead sharks, Dr Claire Coiraton and Dr Felipe Amezcua, based at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, identified a more complex picture than previously thought. It turns out that not all sharks follow the same pattern of movements, with some preferring to stay in coastal areas while others opt for […]

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Emerging enterprises: Transformational leadership and customer-centric approaches

Emerging enterprises Transformational leadership and customer-centric approaches

Micro enterprises and start-up enterprises (SUEs) are a critical part of the commercial environment and global business models in emerging markets. These enterprises have high growth potential by effectively administering their competitive advantages in a short period of time as compared to more established and bureaucratic organisations. However, many emerging organisations do not realise their full potential due to leader-centred […]

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