The Bristol School of Multiculturalism

Key figures from the Bristol School of Multiculturalism

It’s an exciting moment when like-minds come together and produce insights that create a new paradigm in their subject discipline. A leading academic in Australia believes that moment of synergy has come for a group of political theorists and sociologists associated with the University of Bristol in the UK. So significant is their non-liberal approach to multiculturalism, Geoffrey Brahm Levey, […]

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Factors associated with young children exhibiting picky eating behaviour

picky eating research outreach

Picky eating in preschool children is a well-documented phase when children are reluctant to try new foods and/or show very strong preferences for particular foods. This behaviour can create concern for parents, and this has created a whole market for advice and guidance, not all of which is evidence-based. Dr Pauline Emmett and Dr Caroline Taylor, from the Centre for […]

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