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February 17, 2023

National Love Your Pets Day 2023: Discover our team – and their pets!

It’s National Love Your Pet Day today! To celebrate, we’ve gone behind the scenes at Research Outreach on an expedition to learn more about our team’s pets. We discover previously undocumented characteristics about our team’s pets, revealing their natural habitats, and uncovering some brilliant research on animals for you to delve into. 

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Lesser-spotted Max

Species: Canis familiaris (sprocker spaniel)

Name: Max

Age: 2 years old

Keeper: Dr Rachel Perrin, Managing Editor

Characteristics:  Lively, loyal and (very) lovable!

Idiosyncratic traits: Max likes to sleep with his belly up and paws stretched upwards into the air. When he’s sleeping deeply he wags his tail and kicks his legs, and I’m sure he’s dreaming about chasing squirrels!

Natural habitat: Out exploring in the fields or woods

Rachel and Max recommend: Making strides in veterinary pathology: A dedicated career


Muddiullis Huski Marley

Species: Canis familiaris 

 Name: Marley

Age: 5 years old

Keeper: Cameron Townsend, Podcast audio engineer

Characteristics: Fluffy, cuddly, jealous

Idiosyncratic traits: Loves cuddles, gets jealous very easily and is easily excitable

Natural habitat: Rolling around in the snow or a muddy puddle

Cameron and Marley recommend: Poor appetite in dogs: A potentially common symptom of gall bladder disease


Oreo toy eversorem

Species: Canis familiari

Name: Oreo

Age: 3 years old.

Keeper: Carly Houston, Social Media Executive

Characteristics: Energetic, mischievous, intelligent

Idiosyncratic traits: He will happily shred his own toys to pieces but will not touch the children’s and gets very jealous if anyone else receives attention. He will literally place himself between you!

Natural habitat: In the windowsill staring at the world go by or whizzing around the local commons or woods.

Carly and Oreo recommend: What can birdsong tell us about human speech and language?


Benji sternumentum timentes

Species: Canis familiaris

Name: Benji

Age: 1 year old.

Keeper: Emma Feloy, Managing Director

Characteristics: Bouncy, clumsy, affectionate

Idiosyncratic traits: If anyone in the house sneezes, Benji will run over and nudge them to check they’re okay

Natural habitat: asleep on my feet or playing fetch

Emma and Benji recommend: Action research creates a shared future for elephants and humans



Milo manus morsu

Species: Felis catus

Name: Milo Baker

Keeper: Troy Baker, Partnership & Events Manager

Age: 7 months old.

Characteristics: Fluffy, playful, cuddly.

Idiosyncratic traits: will be your best friend, try to use your hand as a toy and then run up the curtains. 

Natural habitat: Either sleeping on a bed or in a pile of clothes.

Troy and Milo Baker recommend: Do bees farm microbes? Rethinking what it is to be a bee


Neck-Climbing Pippin

Species: Felis catus

Name: Pippin

Keeper: Sophie Merryfield, Social Media Executive

Age: 11 years old

Characteristics: Small, cute, needy

Idiosyncratic traits: Acts like a dog

Natural habitat:  Around my neck

Sophie and Pippin recommend: Impact of dietary protein on cat health and wellbeing



Wilkius et Winnius

Species: Canis familiari

Name: Wilkie and Winnie

Age: 3 years old

Keeper: April Keeble, Social Media Manager

Characteristics: Naughty, loving & cuddly (oh and LOUD!)

Idiosyncratic traits: Loves to eat carrots with tummy tickles

Natural habitat: In bed

April, Wilkie and Winnie recommend: Improving dog welfare: Helping owners decode their dogs’ behavior


Mo Salah surgit

Species: Felis catus

Name: Mo Salah

Keeper: Chris Temple

Age: 2 and a half years old

Characteristics: Best alarm clock ever

Idiosyncratic traits: Likes to sit in the bath

Natural habitat: asleep on Chris’ bed

Chris and Mo Salah recommend: How to behave in sloth bear territory


Lepus Pancakus

Species: Oryctolagus cuniculus domesticus

Name: Pancakes

Keeper: Susie Spry, Operations Assistant

Age: 18 months

Characteristics: Bolshy, demanding, adorable

Idiosyncratic traits: He loves attention, but only on his terms! If you haven’t given him enough strokes, he will chomp your fingers

Natural habitat: Under the garden shed

Susie and Pancakes recommend: Look at those feet! Early evolution of rodents and lagomorphs



Howliuss Huski Mishka

Species: Canis familiaris

Name: Mishka

Age: 18 months old

Keeper: Luke Tyler, Head of Partnerships

Characteristics: Energetic, stubborn, and loud!

Idiosyncratic traits: Howls like a wolf

Natural habitat: In the office, giving everyone noisy cuddles

Luke and Mishka recommend:  Unravelling the Mysteries of Deep-Blue Luminescence

We hope you have enjoyed this special edition blog on animals and our team’s adorable pets! Carpe diem and explore more great articles like this on our website.




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