African (tectonic) retreat (seismically) shakes Greece and Turkey

African (tectonic) retreat (seismically) shakes Greece and Turkey

The Earth’s surface is divided into rigid plates that move with respect to each other in response to heat loss from the interior. At the China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, Professor Timothy Kusky is studying the evolution of tectonic plates through Earth history. Along with his colleagues, he has found that a devastating 2020 earthquake in the Aegean Sea resulted […]

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Predicting post-seismic liquefaction through geological response analysis

During liquefaction, solid sandy ground behaves like a liquid.

During liquefaction, solid sandy ground behaves like a liquid, posing a significant threat in earthquake-prone regions. Seismic waves cause water-saturated sandy sediments to flow, resulting in ground subsidence and flooding. To address gaps in our understanding, Prof Yukitake Shioi from the Hachinohe Institute of Technology in Japan applied a finite element method model to observations from the 1994 Far-Off Sanriku […]

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Shaking up geophysics: A new model for improved tsunami prediction

Tsunami prediction is hugely important for the safety of coastal communities.

Quantitively predicting earthquakes and tsunamis is a long-standing goal for seismological research. The behaviour of earthquake ruptures is not fully understood, and the differences between shallow and deep earthquakes often lead to underpredictions of tsunamis as a secondary hazard. Dr Valentí Sallarès and Dr César R. Ranero of the Institute of Marine Sciences, CSIC, in Spain have developed a new […]

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Effective communication in times of risk and crisis: The IDEA model for translating science to the public

The IDEA model helps craft effective crisis communication messages.

From biosecurity and food security to earthquakes and health pandemics, disaster alerts and warning messages can mean the difference between life and death. The COVID-19 crisis for example can at least in part be ascribed to failed risk communication. At the University of Central Florida, Prof Deanna Sellnow and Prof Timothy Sellnow, experts in strategic communication, are tackling this issue. […]

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