An introduction to the information dimension

Boyd’s theory on emergent information present a new angle on one of the most pressing questions facing AI.

The difficulty of defining the true nature of information has sparked a rich, seemingly unending variety of questions over the past centuries; from the nature of the human soul to whether artificial intelligence can gain consciousness. Now Daniel Boyd, an independent researcher in the Netherlands, believes that these problems could be solved if we view information as a substance residing […]

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Euthanasia: A neuropsychiatric researcher raises concerns

Patients undergoing euthanasia are hoping for a pain-free death.

Euthanasia in humans remains illegal in most parts of the world. In a few countries like Belgium, Canada and the Netherlands, however, euthanasia is available to people suffering from terminal conditions. F. Hanna Campbell, a researcher in neuropsychiatric AI therapeutics at the Center for Neuronal Regrowth, The Hague, Netherlands, has raised a number of concerns on current euthanasia practices. Campbell […]

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Deconstructing spookiness:
Emergent Quantum Mechanics explains the quantum world

Oil droplets on a fluid surface behave just like quantum particles.

From tunnelling to entanglement, the world of quantum mechanics describes a diverse array of seemingly bizarre behaviours which only emerge on the very smallest of scales. Yet Professor Theo van Holten at the Delft University of Technology believes that the physics required to describe quantum systems may not need to be nearly as exotic as many physicists currently believe. Through […]

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Better and stronger potatoes using hybrid breeding

Solynta research outreach

Potato is a hugely important crop worldwide, being eaten across the world and across cultures. Increased crop productivity and strength will help cater for the increasing global population, and also serve to reduce famine in challenging and impoverished environments. The potato breeding company Solynta in The Netherlands has successfully produced a hybrid breeding program for potatoes which will allow the rapid selection and […]

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